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We are an Award Winning Lancaster Photo Booth Rental service.

Photo booth rentals are our specialty, passion and expertise.

We take great pride in our work.

If you are seeking to add entertainment, fun, and memories to your next event,

contact us today for availability and package options.

We Make Any Event More Memorable

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The growth of central Pennsylvania Weddings has also lead to the development of a highly professional class of dedicated Wedding vendors, covering all aspects of weddings plans, preparations and services.

Lancaster Photo Booth Rental is prepared to take your event to the next level.

For a newly engaged couple looking for location for their Wedding, Central Pennsylvania has much to offer in the way of Wedding options to appeal to a variety of themes and budgets.

Lancaster Photo Booth Rental lamp

Lancaster Photo Booth Rental

Lancaster Photo Booth Rental lamp

Lancaster Photo Booth Rental

Lancaster Photo Booth Rental icon

Lancaster Photo Booth Rental


Lancaster Photo Booth Rental

Lancaster Photo Booth Rental

Why You Should Choose a Central Pennsylvania Wedding?

By definition, Central Pennsylvania is a fairly large geographic area west of Philadelphia, comprising towns and cities like, Lancaster, York, Hershey.

To be more accurate and precise, this would describe south central Pennsylvania.

Locally and nationally, the area has been long known as “Pennsylvania Dutch Country.”

Home to a long-standing Amish population in Lancaster and the surrounding area.

It is long associated with agriculture and farming, site of the historic civil war engagements in York and Gettysburg, birth of Hershey’s Chocolate and its related tourist attractions, the state capital in Harrisburg, car shows in Carlisle, David Letterman’s Home Office in Lebanon and more.

Lancaster Photo Booth Rental

As a photo booth provider located in Lancaster Photo Booth Rental, we have worked with clients from New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Chicago, and Holland (yes, the Netherlands), to name a few distant locations.

Working closely and getting to know our clients, we have received great feedback and insight into their choices and decisions.

There are certainly any number of reasons and factors we come across as a wedding vendor.

The natural beauty, typography and history of the area will present to you with options in abundance.

Central Pennsylvania has an increasing number and diverse variety of Wedding venues, hotels, historic sites, parks and gardens which present hundreds of opportunities for wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Rent a Photo Booth Rental!

However, a bride and groom with a more modest budget of $35,000 can marry in central Pennsylvania and afford extravagances that would be unaffordable elsewhere and get better value for their money. 


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